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Political Prediction

2014 is very important for Indian Politics as Lok Sabha elections and even some state elections are coming after that. Stars for India are not so favorable till July 2014 so according to our studies there might be some instability while forming a government. Candidate for prime minister from major parties like from congress Rahul Gandhi and from BJP Narendra Modi have 50 % chances of becoming Prime Minister. We feel whoever is in the race of becoming a Prime Minister other than that someone else might become a Prime Minister and might rule the country for some period of time but the government might not be able to complete its 5 year term.

Cricket Prediction


As per our last year prediction about Indian team almost came true. The God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar had retired and what now about Indian cricket but in 2014 Indian team will be flying high from April 2014. In 2014 Dhoni the Indian captain must not take decisions on his own otherwise his fame will be moving downwards even his performance will be shaky in the second half of 2014. There will be great chance for out of form players to come back into team like Sehwag, Nehra, Karthik, Raina. In 2014 South Africa, New Zealand West indies will be on the top following Australia, India and Srilanka.




According to our prediction in 2013 Indian stock market, Sensex remained in the range from 17500 to 25000 its almost came true. Now in 2014 the start will be little volatile but in this year you will see Sensex touching new life high. Our target for Sensex is 28000 to 30000 till the end of 2014. European Market might see some volatility and even a correction after June 2014. Chinese and U.S. market will remain strong in 2014. Dollar rupee will be in a range of 65 to 56. Euro might turn weaker in comparison to rupee. Precious Metals especially Gold will remain in corrective phase and will bottom out till October 2014 it might test levels of 22000. Silver will be somewhat correcting but not as much as gold.



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