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World Prediction

As per predicted in 2015 majority of our prediction came true about natural calamities political differences etc. Now in 2016 after 26 January 2016 India will be moving into strong growth period which will last for longer time. June to September 2016 is little critical period for India. In this period disasters are likely in some states of India mostly in Delhi, Punjab, Pune and some southern states. In 2016 India will turn to be strong in compare to other countries in world. After September 2016 due to some planetary changes it will create some unfavorable conditions that can political, climatic or any other to countries like U.S.A. China Germany, England.

Cricket Prediction


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As per our prediction Sensex remain the range of 24700 to 32000 almost came true. Now in 2016 Sensex might break this range. It will scale higher and our target is 38000. It might look sky high but it’s possible. So our request to investors are if you want some good profits or gains than you need to be invested in stock market now. Commodities and other market will not give that much returns as stock market in this year and it will be risky too. Gold, Silver and Crude Oil will get stability after May 2016. Gold will be in the range of 22000 to 28000 Crude will be in the range of 26$ to 58$.

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