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In 2017 Indian economy might be under pressure till June 2017 but after that India will be brighter. Agricultural problems in some part of India might get solved this year. Political differences in state level will continue mostly in Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal and Orissa. China U.S. and England will continue with their internal problems and can also turn global, affecting other countries till October 2017. Global trades may shift from one country to another and leaders may lose their leadership. U.S. Pakistan Germany might face natural or unnatural disasters in this year.


Indian cricket team will performing well in this year April to June 2017 there might be losses due to some major players getting out of team due or injuries or any other reason. In 2017 New Zealand South Africa Australia and India will perform well in rest of the teams. ICC Champions trophy in June will be a major attraction for viewers and in this tournament Australia India might lead following South Africa England New Zealand and Pakistan. Indian captain stars are shining so his strategies will clinch some important victory in this year.


As we had predicted last year that Sensex will be achieving 38000; this target is possible in 2017 and can move even higher. In the period of April, May and June there might be lot of volatility in the Indian Market but at last it will be moving in one direction that is up, up and up. Crude gold will be consolidation mode this year but silver can give some good returns for investors. Even trading rupee will be more profitable as dollar might correct a bit. Indian economy will be stronger from July 2017 onwards.

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