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World Prediction

In 2015 India will be growing high. Financially India will recover strongly. But From August 2015 to December 2015 there may be conflicts, natural calamities, disturbances from surrounding countries will rise. Political differences might bring instability in some state’s government. Australia, England stars are favorable after June onward. U.S., China, will be competitive to each other and will lead the world in growth. 

Cricket Prediction

As per we predicted last year Indian captain Dhoni going in bad phase came true and even also prediction about Indian and other teams came true. Now in 2015 World Cup is there in February 2015. Indian Team stars are mostly favourable in this period of time but Indian captain Dhoni’s stars are not supportive to his performance and decisions; so blames on him will continue. In 2015 World cup winning chances for teams are West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand has 70%, Sri-Lanka, India has 50-60%, Pakistan, Australia and England has 35-45%. According to Astrological studies West Indies and South Africa has strong chances of winning World Cup and New Zealand will be the Dark horse.


As per our prediction Sensex had touch 28000 in 2014. And also gold, crude and silver had corrected significantly. Now as per our prediction in 2015 Sensex will be in a range of 24700 to 32000. Now there is no stop for Indian market it will make new life high this year also. U.S. and China Markets will also continue to remain strong. European market will now move strongly upwards and might make new life high. Dollar rupee range will be from 57 to 64.7. Crude will bottom out this year and will start its uptrend from March 2015 onward.


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